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If you are in Ontario or Québec, there are a few options available to you to settle your consumer debt. Let our experienced licensed insolvency and bankruptcy trustees at Lazard & Associates help you decide what option is right for you with a free, no-obligation consultation. Our bilingual trustees can help you with your credit card debt, income tax debt, wage garnishment, payday loans, car loans, repossessions and foreclosure.


Consumer Proposal

What is it.

A consumer proposal is an agreement done under a federal law, that allows a debtor the opportunity to offer a compromise on their debts. Upon filing, the interest stops, and you immediately become protected from collection activity from your creditors . The offer you make to your creditors can be in a lump-sum, monthly payments over a maximum of sixty (60) months, a combination of both or any reasonable offer your creditors may be willing to accept. Filing a consumer proposal will affect your credit rating.

What it can do.

If your total debt does not exceed $250,000 outside of the mortgages or charges on your principal residence, a consumer proposal might be the best solution for you. This type of proposal, provided and administered exclusively by Licensed Insolvency Trustees, is a legally binding process that helps you repay your creditors. Want to avoid bankruptcy? A consumer proposal could be the right thing for you.

What it cannot do.

In general, a consumer proposal cannot bind your secured creditors or negate fines imposed by law. Some student loans and certain other debts may not be extinguished.


What is it.

Bankruptcy is most often an assignment of your assets that are not protected by law, in exchange for a discharge from your debts. You are required to provide your Bankruptcy Trustee with monthly income and expense statements and are required to assist your Trustee in the administration of your estate if asked to do so. Bankruptcy will affect your credit rating and prevent you from doing certain things.

What it can do.

In the event that you are not eligible for a consumer proposal, or if it has been declined, it could be time to consider personal bankruptcy to resolve your debt. To discuss all available options, book a consultation with one of our Bankruptcy Trustees. Filing for bankruptcy is a last resort, let us show you the other options first.

What it cannot do.

In general, a bankruptcy will not release you from certain debts and obligations.

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